Saturday, December 31, 2016

One More Year (2016) Getting Over

One More Year (2016) Getting Over. [Read in Malayalam]

When looking back, it has been a year of highs and lows mixed in equal proportion.
Let's put all those tasks which were not accomplished at a side.  Book of our Life opens a new page of opportunities and encouragements.

Happiness in the year is that I could meet some online friends in person and could spend some quality time with them.
Even though I never paid any attention to the books in my father's library collection ever before, I was tempted to buy couple of books this year and read them within a month of the purchase.
Annual vacation was well utilized by visiting families and going with family members to see Thommenkuthu Eco Tourism and water falls.
This time it was pleasure to be back in the school during the Independence day celebration.

Wish you all ENOUGH to be healthy, wealthy and peaceful in New Year 2017 ahead.

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