Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Effort = \< Work ?

Employers always extract maximum out of their employees and resources.  Sometimes this will end up losing loyal workers causing heavy expensive damages to organisations. 

Why and how this happen?

When a firm starts up, its stakeholders will be putting all available time and money so that launch is catching it's momentum.  Later the major investor will search for more opportunity for the firm to exist in the race.  Many times such opportunities land over the firm while the team is not prepared to shoulder the risks.  Result will be extreme expenses which affect the cash flow.  Once the crunch happens then the fund raising slows down.  Jobs will not wait and the firm will have to oblige to its commitments.  Now the owners would start cutting costs. 
Threat is for employees as new or fresh candidates would accept any terms just to get a job.  Selection of new resource will be haphazardly placed.  Owners would want the new employees to be roaring like Lion in days, protect the organisation like a Dog, run in the market like a Gazelle, watch the projects over night like an Owl without sleep, win every race like a trained Horse, keep observing opportunities like an Eagle and eat (consume) like a "Sparrow"!!!!!

Every horse hired for the race must be trained properly to give a result.  But the load of responsibility will make the horse to work like a donkey.  Many times repeatedly doing corrections causing the horse to forget his identity and he start acting like a donkey!...

Not all resources would accept the situation of becoming a working donkey LIVE with all compromises, but they feel happy choosing to LEAVE the crunch!...

How many of you are continue to be as is ???

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