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CopyCAT ~ a trend for ever ?

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ബാച്ചിലര്‍ പാര്‍ട്ടി ഇന്‍റര്‍നെറ്റില്‍.. ആയിരത്തോളം മലയാളികള്‍ പ്രതികള്‍ ആകും...

while the fact remains as following...
Copy-cat movies in Malayalam
1. August 1 ( Sibi Malayil and SN Swamy) - a copy of 'Day of Jackal' (English)
2. Nirnayam (Sangeeth Sivan) - a Copy of 'The Fugetive' (English)
3. Udhayananu Thram (Roshan Andrews and Sreenivasan - the post interval scenes and Characters) - a copy of ''Bowfinger' (English)
4. Manju Poloru Penkutti (Kamal) - a copy of 'Crime and Punishment in subarbia' (English)
5. Big B (Amal Neerad) - a copy of 'Four Brothers' (English)
6. Anwar (Amal Neerad) - a copy of 'Traitor' (English)
7. Malooty (Bharathan and John Poul) - a copy of 'Everybody's baby' (English)
8. Thoovalsparsham (Kamal) - a copy of 'Three men and a baby' (English)
9. Thalavattom (Priyadarshan) - a copy of 'One flew over the cockoo's nest' (English)
10. Pachakuthira (Kamal) - a copy of 'Rain Man' (English)
11. Kakkakuyil (Priyadarshan) - a copy of 'A Fish called Wanda' (English)
12. Mr. Butler (Sasi Shankar) - a copy of 'Gopala Gopala' (Tamil)
13. Simhavalan Menon (Viji Thambi) - a copy of 'Golmal' (Hindi)
14. Boing Boing (Priyadarshan) - a copy of 'Boeing Boeing' (English)
15. Hredayathil Sookshikkan - a copy of 'Meet the parents' (English)
16. Cocktail - a copy of 'Butterfly on a wheel' (English)
17. Nayattu (1980) - a copy of 'Zanjeer' (Hindi)
18. Pattabhishekam - a copy of 'Larger than life' (English)
19. Uncle Bun - a copy of 'Uncle Buck' (English)
20. Meghamalhar (Kamal) - a copy of Brief Encounter' (English).
21. Mrugaya (I V Sasi) - a copy of 'Huli Banthu Huli' (Kannada)
22. Nammal Thammil - a copy of 'Kushi' (Tamil)
23. Karumaadikuttan (Vinayan) - a copy of '16 Vayathinile' (Tamil)
24. Happy Husbands - a copy of 'Charlie Chaplin' (Tamil) [Which was copied to Hindi as 'No Entry']
25. Pathaamudhayam - a copy of 'Kaalicharan' (Hindi)
26. Mazhayethum Munpe - a copy of 'Sundharakandam' (Tamil)

27. Vinodhayathra (Sathyan Anthikadu) - few scenes are directly a xerox copy of 'My Sassy girl' (Korean)
28. Don (Shaji Khailas) - few scenes are directly ripped from 'Athadu' (Telugu)
29. Pokkiri Raja - Prithviraj portion reminds us of 'Malaikottai' (Tamil)
30. Four Friends - the main Plot is a copy of 'The bucket list' (English).

31. Mayabazar - the bgm is a direct lift from Tamil Movie 'Gilli' which had a dream run in Kerala also.
32. April Fool (2010) is a copy of Dinner for Schmucks (2010)and Bheja Fry (2007)which were copied from Le Dîner de Cons (1998)

33. Anwar:-Taritor:-http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0988047/
34. Gulumal:- Nine queens:-http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0247586/
35. Alexander the great:- Rain Man:-http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095953/
36. Cocktail:-Butterfly on a wheel aka "Shattered"
37. BigB : exact copy cat of "Four Brothers"

38. race:  trapped
39. Chandralekha (1997) - While you were Sleeping (1995) [Eng]
40. Vettam (2004) – French Kiss (1995) [Eng]
41. Kakkakuyil (2001) - A Fish Called Wanda (1988) [Eng]
42. Manjupoloru Penkutti (2004) - Crime and Punishment in Suburbia (2000) [Eng]
43. Sasneham Sumithra (2004) - Rebecca (1940) [Eng]
44. Mookkilyarajyathu (1991) – The Dream Team (1989) [Eng]
45. Life is Beautiful (2000) – Dead poets Society(1989) [Eng]
46. Vandanam (1989) – Stakeout (1987) [Eng]
47. James Bond (1999) – Baby’s Day Out (1994) [Eng]
48. Akashadoothu (1993) – Who Will Love My Children (1983) [Eng]
49. Yodha (1992) – The Golden Child (1986) [Eng] + Blind Fury (1989) [Eng]
50. Mannar Mathai Speaking (1995) – Vertigo (1958) [Eng]
51. Kaazhcha (2004) – Bashu The Little Stranger (1990) [Eng]
52. Hello (2007) – Cellular (2004) [Eng]
53. Pappan Priyappetta Pappan (1986) – Heaven Can Wait (1978) [Eng]
54. Pranchiyettan and Saint (2011) – The World of Don Camillo (1984) [Italian]
55. Aayushkalam (1992) – Ghost (1990) [Eng]
56. malayalam film "Ramji rav speaking" is copied from a korean director it is "TWO GUYS"....unbelievable untill...you watch it!!!

---- information received from internet search engines --------
Few movies were seen on Star Movies as well and realized as exact CopyCATs!  
Without any shame the movie creation credentials are displayed in the scenes without any courtesy to the originals!!!

So much money have been invested to produce such movies and viewers are fooled when they realize the content is copied from somebody's intellectual products. 
With such situation, how can the later movie producer can HOLD the right for copying / viewing it without consent from the producer?

If at all the producer is worried about his return of investment, then he should plant the movie distribution activities well before the kick off of the production.  Video rights / audio rights to be issued at same time by global tendering.  Then the winner of the bid can take their step to distribute the movie streaming with their business strategy on internet (pay per click / streaming access / player controls etc..).

Instead of wasting time and money of the government as well as of the public such copycat movie producers and directors should think and act diplomatically!

ഇതിലും കൂടുതല്‍ പറയണം എന്ന് തോന്നി.  പക്ഷെ ആര്‍ക്കു ഗുണം ?
- PrAThI - 

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